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In November 2020 i have been searching for freelancer platforms via google. Right on the top of the search results i got shown So: I directly opened their web page, registered and started my freelancer search, because due to the lack of good WP-/BP compatible chat plug-ins i decided to team with a coder and develop my own chat plug-in.

First project was posted via and within minutes i got 30+ requests. Most of them saying "I will do this work for you perfectly, because ... ." or "I am the right one, because i am the best." and/or "I will work with you forever." - even though i have been new on this platform (, never had any contact to the applicants and of course not a single review as an employer.

The same night i decided to work with "Mohammad" from Pakistan, who requested 1100 EUR for the entire work. Well, i have been rather sure, that the slogan of "we approve the skills of experts" would keep the promise - and paid the project price plus fee to my newly opened account.

Within the first hours the following issues came up:

1. considered my metal credit card (without any limit) as "stolen" - or "fraudulently used".
2. The recently charged amount was held and kept for "further approval".
3. forcefully suggested to pay via PayPal.
4. I instantly opened a PayPal account to pay mister "Mohammad" from Pakistan the first "milestone", because otherwise he would not have started to work.
5. Mister "Mohammad" from Pakistan received then the first money (about 3 hours later) and promised to fully create the chat (based on an outdated open source plug-in of his choice) over night.
6. The next day mister "Mohammad" from Pakistan was not online anymore, the work on my staging page was neither finished nor could i find any hint for his actions.
7. A day (!) later the guy contacted me and apologized, because his sister came to visit his family (he said) and promised now to complete the chat plug-in over night (again). But to serve his family better he requested the rest of the project value - otherwise he would not finish working.
8. So i released the full 1100 EUR, got message from an "Expert" (freelancer customer care person), which said: "Never pay freelancers in advance, because we cannot grant, that you get your work done." Too late!
9. Mister "Mohammad" from Pakistan sent me a lousy .zip file via chat saying: "Work is fully done! Great to do your project. Give me 5 stars and a bonus."
10. I answered Mister "Mohammad" from Pakistan, that the work is not done, because about 75% of the project is not realized. He answered: "I have done the .css customizations, but the .js coding i will not do."
11. So: I had to find somebody new and found a guy from Ukraine. Same mode. This young man was very talented, fast - and wasted his money by dropping parties and inviting girls. Means: After 72 hours of working with him, he needed a "break for the weekend", he wrote. He was then unavailable for about a week. I dropped him. Money lost.
12. Next candidate was another gentlemen from Pakistan, who has taken some hundred US$, did everything nicely, until i requested some .js programming. He also needed "a break for some days" and never came back.
13. A "lady" (who never was available via Skype, because she said, she would be too ugly) from China contacted me: "Hello, dear Tom, i am XZY and will do everything for you in time and perfectly!" Within only 24 hours she informed me to be ready with the work. The result: Some lousy .css "interventions", but no solutions. Hours later dropped her out, due to "fraudulent actions" and froze her funds. I have been contacted by her the next day: "Please, my love (!!!), help me, the people dropped me out for no reason, all my money is gone, your payment too. Help! I love you!" Well, i have never seen this person, nor have i talked to her/him.
14. I indeed contacted customer care and requested a refund for these EUR 240,00 (?) i previously paid the "lady" from China for, well, some "work". Minutes later this person from China asked again and again, if i have got back my money from I confirmed and paid "her" the full amount via PayPal.
15. Days ago (second week of January 2021) i started a contest with US$ 875 value on 15+ people signed in. Certain people have been very nice, honest and working hard to get one of the three top positions (US$ 500/250/125), but too many started to cheat and registered new users for with stolen images from other social platforms, wrong or stolen names and personal details from somewhere, plus: used for all of their "referrals" the same IP address/online connection.
16. During the last night of the respective contest one person started to sexually harass a female user via chat and the other tried to get the winner money (US$ 500) by FLOODING the time line with one- and two line text entries.
17. Same night i instantly had to stop the contest and call out the three best positions, clean the database by deleting (at the end) thousands of messages and entries, sending my apologies to the supportive users and informed
18. Well, you can see the entire communication with their "compliance department". Short version: "No money back, all funds held, no payouts, no transfers, no chargebacks." The contest has been deleted by - and without any announcement re-published by the next day, finally erased again - for no named reason.
19. I started a dispute via PayPal, limited my account though - and done.
20. Because of the dispute on PayPal with, they (FL) requested to announce this dispute as "solved", so they would finally pay me back all my money -, but not the "contest fee, which is non-refundable".
21. PayPal dispute was marked as "solved" and now does not give out my money - for no reason again.
So: If anybody would say, is a thieving, deceitful and devious company (after all an Australian public firm, whose shares are traded on the stock exchange), then I would have no counter-argument and would even say: "Yes, I understand that you consider the people / operators of as denote fraudsters, because I was betrayed there and got no support nor help to get my money back. Total loss for me after all: EUR 6000+.
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@peepso_user_850(Furqan Younas)
Wow! Is that amazing
@peepso_user_1(Tom Landon)
@peepso_user_850(Furqan Younas) , thank you so much! I decided to implant a HUGE "global review plug-in", which has "freelancer" functions in big quantity, you all may use FOR FREE! So: Help yourself by promoting your skills and work on Please also see the new menu option (top) "Global Reviews", which includes EVERYTHING you need to promote your talents. Have success and fun with it! – preserve our planet
@peepso_user_850(Furqan Younas)
@peepso_user_1(Tom Landon) we will sir!We will Thanks alot you are a really great man I never seen in my life.
God bless you always ❤❤❤
@peepso_user_1(Tom Landon)
@peepso_user_850(Furqan Younas) , as soon, as you send me your IBAN and BIC via personal chat her on, i will INSTANTLY transfer your prize money (US$ 500) to your account. – preserve our planet
@peepso_user_782(Song Hujie)
wow.. so you have done "global review plug-in"?
@peepso_user_1(Tom Landon)
@peepso_user_782(Song Hujie) , yes, sir. You are welcome to promote yourself here and i will give great feedback, because you deserve it!
@peepso_user_782(Song Hujie)
@peepso_user_1(Tom Landon) thank you...
2 days ago
@peepso_user_864(Ansar Ali)
Sad story, but your lunch of Global Review plug-in decision is excellent.
@peepso_user_258(PRAKASH B)
I learned about the injustices inflicted on you by the website through your review. This is a huge mistake. Deliberately deceiving yourself. We will definitely stand by you.