Our credo: absolute solidarity.

Join us and be held.

What is tomsoc.net?
We support people in need all over the world and offer assistance
in creating their own Eden projects and promoting the bond between individuals.
Present your project or organization. Free of charge and permanently - in 103 languages, worldwide.
Write in your preferred language and tomsoc.net will translate for you fully automatically.
All of your posts, comments and even messenger messages will be converted into the language of the reader / recipient.

How secure is tomsoc.net?
Our social platform and the free APPS for Android and iOS do not require any permissions
on your device, so never access your address book, telephone, image directory and / or other areas.

How can I install the mobile tomsoc.net APP?
Open our platform at https://www.tomsoc.net in the browser of your smartphone or tablet and add it to your start screen. Now the APP is generated from your browser as a web APP and the tomsoc.net logo is visible on your screen. Log in once and the login data remains encrypted on your phone. Finished. The tomsoc.net APP never has to be downloaded from the Internet. 100% virus security guaranteed.

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